Among the huge variety represented by different types of massage, for the male half of the population, perhaps the most loved is the bodyrubs massage.

At the heart of the bodyrubs massage is erotic, so it is performed mostly not by hands, but by the hips, tummy, chest and buttocks. For aromatic massage, you need to use a sufficient amount of oil, which will ensure a pleasant glide of your body on the partner's body. The technique itself consists of light strokes, friction, gentle and dense touches aimed at stimulating erogenous zones.

In the salon all conditions for body rubs massage are created, a cozy quiet atmosphere is created. Aroma candles and quiet melodic music.

The surface on which the massage session is planned will be quite firm Immediately before the procedure, the girl takes a warm bath or shower with a man. Here she takes the initiative, gently rubbing your body with fragrant soap or gel, which, of course, will cause great interest.

Your muscles are weakened, and after a thirty-minute massage the person feels completely renewed.

body-rub massage

Body rub NYC

Many who have ever visited NY, came to our center for erotic massage. We work around the clock and therefore can invite you at any time for you convenient. Body massage rub is one of the many types of our studio. A gentle, sensual massage will give you unforgettable sensations both during the massage and after it. Erotic body massage rub in NY is perhaps the most favorite kind of massage for our visitors. They always make it in conjunction with other types of massage.

The art of bodyrub massage has its own history, regardless of its erotic meaning. The world enjoyed it at the dawn of civilization. Among other things, massage body rub in NY is one of the most pleasant procedures that friends can do for each other.

Bodyrubs massage in NYC.

It sounds like greetings from some nice, warm, luring islands. Very exotic and not very well-known. I remember straight away gogenian tuzemochki, juicy and mysterious! Such that directly explicitly hint: we are capable of very unusual things, you will like. Do not be embarrassed, they say, traveler, swim to us! We can surprise you with real paradise, tropical bliss. A kind of erotic "bounty" is a pleasure for grown men.

However, I run ahead. Indeed, body massage - it sounds beautiful and creates some kind of intrigue, but what is it really? Relative novelty in the metropolitan erotic world, yet not as famous as the same Thai. But the name draws, to understand what exactly is a bodyrubs massage in Moscow, it would be desirable, and then to try, what kind of tropical exotica this has come to us.

body-rub massage in New York

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Body rubs for women

During the session, not only the hands, but their breasts are used. From the tender and sensual touch of the masseuse, the body of the guest trembles and melts with pleasure. Touching her thighs, him breasts, the girls quickly save him from clamping and complexes.

The nude bodies of a man and a woman are intertwined, flashing with desire. The masseuse does not hesitate to touch the guest, her breasts, her hips, her stomach, her fingers, in general, are played with body with all the inspiration and fiction - for the pleasure of a person! The temptress begins with soft touches, smooth glides, caresses of the whole body ... After a while, the body weight rubs more and more severely, the girl focuses on stimulating the most erogenous zones of the body, forcing a person to lose His head from voluptuous experiences.

body-rub massage MODELS

Body rub massage price

Massage rates

body-rub MASSAGE

incall: 30 mins — $200

incall: 60 min — $260

outcall: 60 min — $350

outcall: 90 min — $450

Massage rates

body-rub 4 Hands

incall: 30 mins — $350

incall: 60 min — $450

outcall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


incall: 30 mins — $180

incall: 60 min — $220

outcall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 90 min — $400

Massage rates


30 min — $200

60 min — $250

90 min — $375

120 min — $470

NY body rub and escort service

Popular and so popular today in NY spa-procedures and body rub massage.

Today, spa services include a wide range of services, among which the spa massages are especially popular, which includes Bodyrubs in NY massage.

Spa - procedures help to renew vitality and feel a surge of energy, relieve stress and fatigue, improve well-being and gain a lot of positive emotions.

Even inexpensive Spa centers are now ready to offer their clients excellent quality service and the opportunity to experience the beauty of Bodyrubs massage in NY and a positive impact on well-being and mood.

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We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.

Queens body rub?

Queens body rub.

And how’s it going? Remember body rub massage! Massage in Queens is very similar to it. Apparently, the ancient oriental «creatives» and «creators» of Japan and Thailand, who «composed» erotic massages, at the same time felt the beauty of the massage with the body and realized: there is something in it, we will focus specifically on this kind of all-consuming, intimate, passionate and dizzying.

Body rub massage in Queens, this is a real paradise for your body. After the procedure, you do not recognize yourself, because your body will start to feel completely different. During the body massage, the individual excites your erogenous zones and forces you to activate your work, at the end all negative energy will come out of the body. After the procedure, we suggest you stroll around the city and visit its sights, because they are very beautiful here. If you were not on the embankment, then hurry to visit this wonderful place, since it is very beautiful and peaceful. Bring your body in harmony with the body.

What is elite body rub?

What is elite body rub?

Massage Elite body rub is not sliding one body on another.

This is a sacrament, the element of which is an erotic massage. It starts after complete relaxation of the body.

Only in this case the sweetest feelings are guaranteed.

Proven years of the girl, who has learned all the subtleties of body massage, knows a fine line. To the heights of pleasure, only the most talented can lift.

The true goddesses of Elite bodyrub massage can deliver real pleasure during the session. Thanks to this method of relaxation, you become more relaxed.

There come memories of true love, relationships, the first wedding night. A thirst for discovery and experimentation awakens. Such Elite body rub NYC massage should be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Are body rubs legal?

Are body rubs legal

All we do is absolutely legal. We do an erotic body rub massage without breaking the jurisprudence. Girls do not go beyond what is allowed.

Upscale body rub massage.

Upscale body rub massage.

We have been working in this sphere of the market for a long time, therefore our employees are highly Upscale and professional specialists who approach each client individually, which allows to choose the technique of erotic massage correctly and also to build a further heading competently.

To specify the prices for those or other procedures in the center it is possible on a site in appropriate section. Any questions related to the appointment to our center can be addressed to managers who are accessible by phone and e-mail.


las vegas body rubs.

Massage Las vegas body rubs was originally invented to give pleasure to men. After a hard day you want to relax somewhere. Why not do it in the massage room?

To look after you, you will become a beautiful girl, whose main task is pleasure, by touching your body. Ironically, ladies can also use the service.
It is important for a girl to love and pamper herself with a massage. Sometimes they need more relaxation than boys. The result is equally good for everyone.

body rubs Las Vegas

Despite the intimate situation during body rubs Las Vegas, there is nothing to worry about. After all, massage is not a chaotic movement on your body. This is a thoughtful plan, which is performed by a real god (or goddess).

NJ body rub.

We combine Bodyrubs with tinctures that absorb the power of hundreds of herbs and give you an extraordinary charge of vivacity.

For the years of work of our salon, thousands of people have experienced all the amazing healing power possessed by the massage systems created by our masters.

Visit our spa in a massage bodyrub in NJ, and we hope for your health all the wonderful power that our masters could focus on such simple movements at a glance.

In North Jersey body rubs massage make beauties naked to a minimum. You take a shower with them, immerse yourself in the most erotic dreams. We make in Central Jersey body rubs massage, if you want to visit us just call or come massage in to our bodyrubs NJ.

Its action is really magical.

Toronto body rubs.

Massage has an extraordinary healing power. Even simple rubbing allows for a few minutes to recover as after a long sleep.

What can we say about body massage, the techniques of which have been developed for centuries.

A good bodyrub in Toronto massage allows one to solve a huge mass of various health problems in one fell swoop. It relieves fatigue and tension, helps with back pain, sprains and many other injuries.

Finally,in Toronto bodyrubs massage is just a very pleasant procedure. Once in the hands of a true master of massage, you not only gain health, but also enjoy the process itself.

Thanks to this feature of the body rubs, the effect of massage performed by the masters extends to the entire body.

Body rubs long island

Gone are the days when eroticism in our country was banned. Now scientific research is devoted to this topic, many popular literature are published, the secrets of ancient erotic arts are adopted by specialists-sexologists who recommend known for a long time receptions to their patients.

Montreal body rubs

The masseuse knows which points to press, touch. Only an experienced specialist will be able to show you the highest class. Sensations are noticeable for the whole organism as a whole.

Plunge into the world of bliss also for couples. The resumption of feelings after the procedure is guaranteed. You need a massage session with Montreal body rubs, if you:

    • are shy;
    • have problems understanding your loved one;
    • want to get rid of everyday life.
Asian bodyrub

A luxurious body massage for real men who appreciate in massage not only sex, but also an Asian bodyrub next to you.

Body rub dallas.

Body rub Dallas massage is one of the most sensual recreation methodes. It is aimed at relaxing the body and releasing it from negative energy. Not every massage parlor has it in its list of services. During the procedure, the client receives singular feeling and discharges the entire body.

New York city body rubs.

Our studio of beauty and health will not only allow you to relax and relax, but also to approach your embodiment of beauty! The cost of the massage will not let you worry about the state of the wallet.

Remember yourself and relax a bit from the busy schedule and go to the salon for the best body rub massage in New York city.




Downtown address

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

Downtown body rub.

Find our high-profile specialist in this delicate matter can be in the Downtown body rub, where you can find craftsmen specializing in body rub massage.

There is a mass of massage techniques, the impact of the whole body or its separate parts, lips and tongue.

The purpose of this procedure is to relax a person or couple, primarily to give them complete relaxation, and then by skillful actions to stimulate the circulation of sexual energy in the body.

Manhattan address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Manhattan body rubs.

Manhattan body rubs massage is a very unusual sensation that everyone can try.

This is an unforgettable experience for any man, the possibility to fully relax and fully enjoy the beauty that nature gives women.

Such body rub Manhattan massage for men will present a feeling of exciting experiences and will allow you to simply have a delightful time.

In our salon of erotic massage in Manhattan are always welcome visitors.

Girls are happy to take care of your fatigue and will do everyone to make you really relax and are satisfied.

Come, and go live this incredible adventure, having experienced the whole gamut of emotions of treat.

Midtown address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

Body rub Midtown.

Gone are the days when eroticism in our country was banned. Currently, scientific research is devoted to this topic, a lot of popular literature is published, the secrets of ancient erotic arts are accepted by specialists-sexologists.

Body rub Midtown massage: benefit and pleasure is the procedure that is necessary in our time for almost everyone.

Uptown address

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Brooklyn address

12 gelston ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

Brooklyn body rub

In the massage salon Brooklyn body rub any man will find satisfaction and will not remain indifferent after the session.

Erotic masseuses can find an approach to both experienced women’s caresses of pros, and to an inexperienced young man, who had little contact with the beautiful.

Every man can be fully revealed, most importantly, that the girl was prepared.

Therefore, you can safely go for pleasure and relaxation, because everyone will receive here their share of tenderness, affection and attention.

Body rub Brooklyn NY.

Couples, too, can find an offer of Body rub Brooklyn NY salon interesting. There are special programs, following which, professional girls will be able to give a sufficient dose of pleasure to him and her.

Is not it interesting to learn something new about a partner?

Such sessions can strengthen relations and extend them, because if the couple agrees to them, it speaks about trust and the desire to serve each other.

Brooklyn bodywork.

Brooklyn bodywork, too, is a very sexy massage. Beautiful masters will do their work the way you want.

New Jersey address

2090 route 27 north , Lincoln Hwy , Edison NJ 088117

New Jersey

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Since ancient times, people have disclose and improved ways of enjoying pleasures: one of them is private massage. This is an unusual palette of sensations that are opened with the help of caresses and tender kisses. Private massage can bring no less pleasure than sex itself.

Forget about everything that bothers you, and enjoy an incredible and perhaps previously unexplored feeling of affection and touch.

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JohnI like this salon of erotic massage, everything is purely comfortable there, the girls are beautiful and make erotic massage, so that the head will swirl with pleasure. Well done, all the masseurs are professionals, this is evident even in their eyes!

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